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Composites Distribution Composites Distribution

Composites Distribution

Composites Distribution

Composite Distribution was created in 1987 by Marc Janeau.

We are distributors of advanced composite materials :

  • woven fabrics (chaine – trame) or sewed fabrics (multiaxials),
  • prepregs, core materials,
  • resins (epoxy, polyurethane, epoxydes, silicons),
  • vacuum products,
  • tooling & silicones,
  • insulation glass fabrics covered with aluminum or silicone enducted,
  • for all the concerned markets.

Through those products, you are able to manufacture a composite part, with vacuum process or autoclave, and its mould. We are distributing those products for high or small volumes. We are providing our customers technical advise to choose a product, towards the right solution.

In 2007 Composites Distribution was taken over by the Gazechim Group.


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Gazechim Group

Founded in 1937, Gazechim Group is an independent family-owned French group organized as 4 business units :

  • Liquefied gases conditioning and distribution
  • Refrigerant gases conditioning and distribution
  • Composites raw materials distribution
  • Thermoplastics raw materials distribution

The story starts in the South of France with liquefied gas conditioning and distribution; particularly sulfur dioxide for the wine-growing industry.

During the 1970’s the group diversified into new activities: composites raw materials and plastics raw materials distribution. A new business unit started in 1973: composites raw materials.

Today, the product portfolio of the Gazechim Group covers applications as diverse as wine making, water treatment, aerospace, automotive, yachting, air-conditioning, refrigeration systems, sports, leisure and renewable energies.

The Gazechim Group is the major distributor of composites in Europe.

Gazechim Group has grown progressively and by continually re-investing has established a stable basis for continues growth while preserving independence. The Group operates in 23 countries and employs more than 650 people.